End of short holiday :Term II begins GGOH

Previously , at God’s glory children orphanage ,  kids have been reported abandoned. They were sent to the police and Social Welfare office, and finally, they were sent to us. Some have special needs and other normal . We have taken a while without recruiting others just because of the more needs and on going  projects like building and in able to pay for kids going to high school.
We need prayers and support about this so that we can get more funds .

Talking about the rest of the kids. Since most of these kids lost their fathers, no family member was willing to stay with them, and some they came to the decision to marry them off at young stage. This is a common practice in rural Muslim communities, where young girls are offered into marriage to very rich, old Muslim men. So we could not allow that, and we try our best that we bring these girls back to school . We have decided to take the girls in and give them a Christian education at God’s glory children ministry .

Ways to Pray:

Pray God’s glory children , as we search for funder and  that God will lead us on the best ways to share his love with them.

Pray for the moslem abandoned kid. They have been raised as Muslim, but pray that they will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Pray for the above kids to get sponsored.

Pray for safety and health of the kids. Pray that our kids will let their light shine.

Ways YOU can help:

Please share this blog and email to help us find a sponsor for each kid. If you would like to sponsor, please email me back or email godsglorykidsministry@gmail.com ,like God’s glory children orphanage facebook page.

School break is almost done. Kids have to go back to school, we also have a in going building project.Any amount counts you contribute to these kids it transforms.
Stand with us please.

Here is Marvin also known as Pastor at orphanage because he likes to make sermons and,preaching and praying for others, we adopted him 5yrs back in the orphanage but he is going through a crazy life although he is part of the orphanage where all think things would be changing smoothly . He is a boy who was given birth to by a woman with a brain problem who were found staying in unfinished buildings and we believed this woman was raped to have this baby.Even right now they still do so. When we try to takecare of this child this woman comes a picks him from the orphanage because she is the mother although he is mad but she take him with her and leave in the same situations no home loitering around local towns for a place to stay after being chased away from the previous one but as you know hunger doesn’t wait she always come back at orphanage to pick food for the children and take for them. She can’t take them to school and Marvin has grown old to start but he has never started. But the Mad woman just love to stay and move with the kid. So that’s the kind of life kids in Uganda pass through but very complicated to handle and even the authorities have done nothing to such kids passing through such situations. Keep praying for Marvin and rest passing through such condition. Marvin is a great child of God, motivates himself, always wants to be a Pastor ,God given, we believe God has a wonderful destiny for him no matter whatever he is passing through right now.